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Donald Dwight Williams JR.

November 25, 1941 ~ July 21, 2018 (age 76)

 Don was born on November 25, 1941 and his soul passed to God on July 21, 2018.

  He joined his beloved wife Fran in ETERNAL PEACE AND REST.

  Don was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and grew up in Kankakee, Illinois.

  He received his BA in business from the University of Notre Dame, his

  M.B.A. from Loyola University and was awarded the C.P.A. certificate in 1971.

  He was drafted into the Army in 1965 and honorably discharged in 1967.

  He spent all of his adult life in corporate finance and accounting.


  His parents and the Catholic Church properly instructed Don

  that all people are children of God:  they have a soul, dignity, and spirit

  and freedom.  As an adolescent, he looked around and saw the “crucification of the

  others” and was frankly quite terrified and alarmed.  From the age

  of 16 until 29 he lived in an alcoholic haze.


   In 1968 an angel of God sent Fran into Don’s life.  They were married in

   1971 and were together properly until Fran died in April 2007 and

   Don was left alone with his demon furies.  Fran truly saved Don from the

   L-o-n-g, d-a-r-k, c-o-l-d, n-i -g-h-t-s so he did not fall into the abyss.


   Don and Fran joined the Neocatechumel Way at St. Barbara’s Catholic Church in

   2000. They found peace, rest and the mercy of Christ Risen.  After Fran died and

   was properly buried in 2007 Don learned what it was to experience God’s love

   And mercy as he cried out in his grief and pain.


    Fran sent her dear friend, Sandy Skinner into Don’s life; she knew that Don could not

   deal with his demon furies by himself, but would need Sandy, who is a good

   Christian woman to give Don some peace and rest.  Sandy’s

   Christian ministry of professional psychological help and assistance

   to people who suffered greatly and was an inspiration to Don to persevere.

    Don spent the rest of his life announcing that the Kingdom of God was near.


     It was through the Church and the Neocatechumel Way that Don was

     able to start writing his love poems/ truth poems for all of the holy

    families.  The poems started being formed in 1958:  the same year

    that he left the United States- the Country of his birth. 


   When Don passed to eternal peace and rest he knew:

         That he would lose all his sensitivities and finally                                                                                     

            Get to San Francisco to wear some flowers in his hair. 

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